Terms of Use

TOU for the SuppliesMiniBlog (created by me and not administered by Etsy in any way shape or form).
1. Minis many only appear in ONE category at a time. There are procedures in place if you wish to change your chosen category; failure to follow these procedures will result in your Mini being permanently removed from the site.
2. You must maintain 4 featured items at all times.
3. A minimum of 3 of the 4 featured items must match the category where a Mini appears.
4. You must notify us (in the category where your shop appears) to have your Mini removed when you cannot feature 4 items.
5. Inappropriate comments will be deleted.
6. One Mini per shop. Please respect our time and do not list your shop's Mini in more than one category.
7. This service is free however to make it work your help is needed; please link it (the blog) often.
8. This blog is subject to change without notice.
9. Please do not convo me or any of the volunteers with comments or concerns; post them in the comment section below the appropriate categories or in the seller forums.
10. Administrators reserve the right to determine the category where Minis appear.
11. Violation of the TOU will result in removal of your mini link and all posts or comments on this blog.
12. The SuppliesMiniBlog & MiniBlog are cooperative sites; violation of the TOU may result in removal from both sites.

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