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The SuppliesMiniBlog : for supplies & vintage

The ideal place to view lots of shops in a virtual gallery.
At a glance, you get a peek into the window of many storefronts.
  • Looking for common or unique supplies to create your handcrafted goods?
  • Want to see what is available across the globe and support individuals by buying directly from a small business owner?
  • Do you love vintage housewares, clothing, accessories, hard-to-find ephemera, books, etc?
  • Are you seeking handmade supplies like yarn, hand cut mosaic tiles, glass beads, patterns?
You’ll find all those things here and thousands of other items that will inspire your creative pursuits.

The MiniBlog : for handmade creations

All things handmade.
It's a simple concept, a beautiful one too. Take the world of arts, crafts and handiwork and put it all in one place for shoppers to see. (the place to buy and sell all things handmade) has done that by building a website where an artisan creates an online store to reach buyers and sell their work.

Those of us who use and love Etsy have taken the idea further by building a showcase where many shops within a category can be viewed simultaneously.

These unique galleries of handiwork are not only stunning and easy to navigate, they are also live and constantly changing.

The MiniBlog organizes and compiles thousands of items currently offered for sale from the hundreds of shops on Etsy---each run by the artisans themselves.

The MiniBlog & SuppliesMiniBlog Story.

A “mini” is comprised of 4 photographs the artisan or shopkeeper has chosen to represent their shop’s contents.
A mini allows a shop to offer a glimpse of their wares, enticing shoppers to step into their virtual stores to see more.
The minis change with the shops' inventory, making this catalog a real time shopping experience that constantly presents new and fresh items for sale.

In addition to being an exciting way to shop, the blogs also allow viewers to explore trends in the art world. This project is something that has never been done before: it is live, ever changing, worldwide and open for free to every handmade artisan on

Please use the blogs to find new artists to buy from, write about, admire and be inspired by. Visit the SuppliesMiniBlog to find new items to create & inspire your work.

Support Artists.
Support Vintage & Supply Sellers.

For those of you in the strong world of blogging and Internet, please link us and spread the word. The MiniBlogs are 100% handmade and should be revered for their innovation, beauty and uniqueness.
There's nothing else like it!

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