About this Blog ...

This free blog was created by Karen of schOOLLOcker. It is the result of a great idea originally conceived by Ryan *girl* of Littleput Books.
Dotty (dottyral) joined forces with Ryan & Karen in November 2007 to launch the original MiniBlog; their objective was to lead a group of Volunteers in a project that would benefit and promote the shops of handmade goods on Etsy.

Karen & Dotty administrate both the MiniBlog and the SuppliesMiniBlog.

Thousands of Etsy shops that sell handmade items have their minis featured on the MiniBlog --- a feat made possible because of the devoted volunteers who support the project and donate their time to promote fellow sellers.

The sole purpose of the blog has always been to help Etsy artisans drive more traffic to their handmade goods.

The logical next step in the goal to promote all Etsy shops was to develop a companion site to support the many sellers of supplies on Etsy. And simply, the administrators of this blog love the Vintage sellers on Etsy and it is a natural decision to feature their shops as well.

The SuppliesMiniBlog is maintained by a slew of Volunteers. Please visit them often!

Please read our disclaimer here for information on mini content.

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