What is the Etsy Mini?

Etsymini™ is a marketing tool created by Etsy.com to help sellers showcase their items on websites not affiliated with Etsy. Users can add photos of their shop items and link the mini to websites such as blogger, myspace, typepad and so on. The best part about the mini is that it changes with each shops' inventory. Once a featured item is sold it is replaced with a fresh item from the sellers shop. Additionally, sellers can choose to feature special and sale items in their minis, showcasing particular aspects of their individual bodies of work.

This blog is made up entirely of Etsyminis™. This means that the content on this blog is always current and constantly changing. Check back often for fresh items from your favorite sellers and fresher items from our newest minis. Etsymini.blogspot.com and Etsyminisupplies.blogspot.com are incredible real time catalogs of what is happening right now on Etsy.com.

*Please note this blog is created by Etsy Users and not endorsed, sponsored or administered by the staff of Etsy.com in any way. Etsymini™ is a registered trademark of Etsy.com and a free a tool offered to sellers on Etsy.com.

This information was adapted from a post appearing on the MiniBlog site; written by and used with permission from Ryan, artisan of littleputbooks.