This blog is maintained by and for Etsy sellers so that we can support one another in our pursuit to run successful supply & vintage shops on Etsy.

This is a free venue. All sellers of craft & art supply items are invited to have their shop mini featured on this blog. We also welcome shops that feature vintage wares.

The blog exists because a group of Volunteers donate their time to maintain the site. Please be respectful of this team by understanding the Terms Of Use and refrain from emailing or convo’ing them directly.
Your comments are welcomed; this is the best way to offer opinions, suggestions or requests.

We ask that you help spread the word by linking to personal blogs, myspace, emails, squidoo, stumble-upon, where ever. The number of visitors here is highly dependent on you.

Please read through all the TOU and Frequently Asked Questions before contacting us with your mini. Thank you!

Minis many only appear in ONE category at a time. There are procedures in place if you wish to change your chosen category (see FAQ); failure to follow these procedures will result in your Mini being removed permanently from the site.

How to make a request & have your Etsy Mini hosted on the site:

Find your category. Add your shop number and your etsy user name to comments below the ONE category you choose.

[Unsure where to find your shop number or username? see Frequently Asked Questions]

You must have 3-4 items featured at all times that reflect your category. We will not upload any minis that do not belong in the category under which they were posted.

*Please* choose only 1 category, a minimum of 50% of your shop items should match your category. Minis are currently being featured in the order they are received; this is subject to change. Arrangement and order of shops is at the discretion of the site volunteers.

If you change your mind about the category in which you belong, you must first request your mini be removed from it's current location by commenting within your category. Minis may not appear in more than one category at any time.* You must wait for your mini to be removed before requesting inclusion in a different category.

If you are going out of town or closing shop please comment below your category and ask be removed or edited out; your mini will return when you do, though your placement is not guaranteed.

Four (4) photos must appear in your mini at all times. Be sure to have adequate items in your shop's featured section.

Administrators and Curators of the SuppliesMiniBlog reserve the right to determine the category or sub-category where a mini will appear.

*Volunteers on the SuppliesMiniBlog may have their shops featured in multiple locations on the site.

For sellers wanting more Etsy information and selling advice you can read the Etsywiki, visit the Etsy Forums, or visit the Etsy Labs Library .

Please Remember to Comment Below The Category you Belong to (i.e., yarn, buttons, jewelry: findings) to be added to the correct Category. Some categories have sub categories, too.

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