Seller Frequently Asked Questions

Please read before posting a new question.

Q. How do I get my Mini posted on this site?
We add your Mini for you; your only job is to tell us that you want to be included!
Find the category that best describes your shop; in the comment area of that category, tell us your Etsy user ID & shop number.
A volunteer curator will see your request & use the provided information to post your shop's Mini.

Your comment will not appear right away. We're now approving all comments due to an influx of spammers.

Q. Can I have a Mini in more than one category?
A. No. The blog is managed by a small group of volunteers; we require that sellers choose one category only.

Q. I have two shops. Can both shops have a Mini on the site?
A. Yes. Each shop can appear on the blog.

Q. I changed my mind. I think my Mini should be in a different category; will you move it for me?
A. Yes, if you follow these rules: post a comment in your current category asking for your mini to be removed.
After your mini has been removed and is not featured anywhere on the blog, you may post your request in the new category.

Q. Does my Mini have to be 4 items from that category even if my shop sells other items?
A. No. Your mini can be reflective of any portion of your inventory; but we require at least 3 items reflect your category. Your mini must always look like it belongs in your chosen category.

Q. I sell a few different items. How do I choose just one category?
A. The blog is intended as a tool for shoppers and is organized by type of items. Your shop needs to maintain 50% stock for your mini category. (i.e., if you want to be listed under jewelry findings please do not have a shop full of papergoods.)

Q. My shop features many different types of commercial supply items. Is there a category for shops like mine?
A. Yes. If you have a diverse range of items for sale, you probably belong in the Eclectic Variety section.

Q: What is the difference between the Commercial Supply categories Eclectic Variety and Ends & Oddities?
A: Eclectic Variety is for shops with a diverse selection and broad range of items that do not fit into one category.
Ends & Oddities is for shops that sell unusual, uncommon, quirky or exceptionally unique materials.

Q. My shop sells a variety of Supplies & Vintage merchandise; where do I go?
A. For shops with all sorts of items that cannot be categorized, they belong in the Supplies & Vintage Together section.

Q. I don't belong in any of the categories, where do I go?
A. We will consider adding a new category if you truly don't fit and there are enough sellers to warrant a new section. Please notify us by posting a comment in the seller suggestion forum.

Q. I posted a comment & now it's gone.
A. Comments are deleted after a request is fulfilled (i.e., your Mini has been posted.)
If you ask a question, a reply is posted in the same comment area; so be sure to stop back to see if your question has been answered.
We remove posted comments regularly to keep the blog clutter-free --- all comments, inquiries, questions, requests & replies are usually deleted within 2-3 days.

Q. How are the minis sorted?
A. At first, minis may be added as they come in. In the future, Editors will be arranging them by uniqueness & photo quality; they may rotate the minis often for variety. If you've found your mini consistently remains at the bottom of your category, you might need to work on your photos or select different items to feature that are more representative of the category.

Q. Who sorts the minis?
A. Each category is managed & edited by an Etsy seller (aka Editors, Curators & Volunteers). The Editors do not have minis from their own shops in the categories they curate. You can communicate with an Editor by posting a comment within their category section.

Q. I don’t know what my shop number is or where to find it.
A. Note - This changed in June 2011. From your account on etsy, go to "etsy mini" on the bottom left sidebar. Click on "items from my shop" and "thumbnail". Look at the first code. You'll see something like this...(12345, 'shop','thumbnail',4,1). 12345 is your shop ID number. That's the number we need to create your mini.
Q. I don’t know what my Etsy user name is or where to find it.
A. Your Etsy user name is the word you use to sign in to Etsy.

Q. My mini was on the site, but now I can’t find it.
A. Your mini may have been relocated or deleted. There are many reasons this may happen:
  • Minis are sometimes moved to another page in a category; please search every page within your category to locate your Mini.
  • When the photos in a Mini do not fit the category, the Volunteer may remove it or relocate it to another category on the MiniBlog.
  • If you have violated the TOS, your Mini(s) will be deleted from the site.
    You will not be notified if your Mini is removed for any of these reasons.

    If none of these scenarios apply to your situation, post an inquiry in the Seller Questions Forum and a Volunteer will attempt to help.
    Administrators & Curators reserve the right to determine the category in which a Mini appears.

    Q. The URL I bookmarked doesn't take me to my mini or the link is dead. Where is it?
    A. As the blog has grown and new Volunteers become Editors, it is necessary to recreate pages or establish new subcategories. Try using the category links (on the right side on every page) to find the new location.

    Q. I have a really great idea, how do I share it with the SuppliesMiniBlog group?
    A. Please post it in the Seller Forums.

    Q. How is this blog being advertised?
    A. We are relying on the readers of this blog and the sellers who are featured to spread the word and link to us often. Post everywhere you can think of! There are a variety of button/badges to put on your site to make linking easier; see here for details.

    Q. How do I get my items on the front page or in the special galleries?
    A. The Administrators & Volunteers create special features periodically to showcase selected items; contests & promotions may also determine who will be featured. Post your best photos to the MiniBlog flickr group to increase your chances of being noticed.

    Q. Can I help with the blog?
    A. Yes, please! Comment on the volunteer forum with your shop name and we’ll contact you.

    Q. I have a really great idea, how do I share it with the mini group?
    A. Please post suggestions in the seller suggestion forum.

    Q. My question is not answered here; where can I ask it?
    A. Please post in the seller question forum.

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    Thank you!