How to Create your Category

Once you've received your invite email to become an author on the blog and have been assigned your categories, you can log on to build your pages.

1. Create a new post.
2. Title it with the appropriate Category name (i.e., Vintage Books).
3. Click post options below the post box.
4. Change the date back to at least 2004 (or use the date that was provided by Karen or Dotty).
5. Check the box for "allow comments".
6. Hit publish.

7. Now create the additional pages 2-10 (or the requested number by Admin.)

8. Create a new post.
9. Title it with appropriate full Category name along with page 2 or appropriate number (Vintage Books: page 2.)
10. Change the date to match whatever was used for the first page.
11. Check the box for "do not allow comments."
12. Hit publish.
13. Repeat steps 6-12 for all the pages in the series.
14. Subscribe to receive email notifications of comments left in each of your categories. To do this: View page 1 of your category. Click "Post a Comment". Type "subscribing" in the text box. Check the box that says "email follow-up comments" then click "finish".

Convo Karen or Dotty; we will create all the links so your pages flow in a series. (If you know how to link your pages, you're welcome to do this yourself!)
An Admin will add the link to the category or subcategory in the side bar. You will be able to click on your category directly to edit. We may have old mini information that we will add to your category once it is published.

Some of the pages you create may be put in edit mode until they are needed.

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