Volunteer Introduction

Dotty (dottyral) & I (schoollocker) are excited to launch the SupplieMiniBlog; our hope is that it will be as successful as it's predecessor, the MiniBlog.

Thank you for your interest in working on this project!

Managing the site together will take organization & cooperation from everyone.
Hopefully this introduction will help each person decide if this project is a good fit for her/him.

The purpose of the SuppliesMiniBlog is to give shoppers a place to find items to buy. The blog’s success is all about exposure.
Traffic to the site is the top priority.

More visitors mean more views for your shop. Remember: If you’re a volunteer, your mini will be on the front page … so we must work together to get the blog publicized.

We cannot stress this enough! It’s not a project where you just add minis here & there; sometimes we'll need to help one another promote the site, too.

SuppliesMiniBlog Volunteers : The Three R's

  • Basic understanding of blogs: how they operate, how to edit, the features within.
  • Knowledge of basic html coding, how to cut & paste, ability to recognize & correct if the code is broken. Also, the ability to link pages is a big plus!
  • Willingness to be communicative within the Etsy community and publicize the project.
  • We sincerely appreciate everyone who has a desire to work on this project; unfortunately, we don't have the extra time to teach volunteers about the basics of using blogger tools---so practice getting comfortable on your own blog first and then we'd love to have you join us!

  • Familiarity with all the procedures, rules, TOU & features of the blog. You’ll be called upon to educate the users of the blog, so please be sure to read all the how-to pages!
  • Willingness to commit a few minutes each day or so as needed to post minis &/or help promote the blog.

  • All Volunteer Minis are posted on the homepage; the order is rotated weekly.
  • Volunteers’ Minis receive top billing within their category at all times.
  • Volunteers’ blogs/websites appear at the top of the Links page.
  • Admin will often draw from Volunteer shops when individual items are featured on the blog in collages, gallery grids, etc.

Please convo me (schoollocker) if you have any questions.

You can also post comments in the Volunteer Forum.

Your support of the MiniBlog & SuppliesMiniBlog is appreciated!