Procedures for Curating Categories

Please try to add mini requests within a day or so.

If a request isn’t complete (no shop name/number provided), post a comment to the requester … no need to convo them or do extra work to track them down.

3. If a shop does not fulfill the requirements of the category (featured items don’t fit, not enough pics) do not post the mini. Inform them by posting a note, if you want.

4. After minis have been posted, please leave a marker message in the comment area (i.e., “all shops above have been added”). This signals Dotty & Karen that the comments can be deleted.

5. Rotate the minis! You can decide how you want to do this; some curators move around whole pages of code; some do it weekly.**

Great photos & beautifully presented shops are to be rewarded with top placement, so it’s ok to not have every shop shown on the first page (poor blurry photos should stay on the backpages.) However, if there are lots of minis in your category, give a variety of shops some time on the front pages. Be fair but still create the most appealing appearance to your section!

6. A big blank hole on a page means the shop is empty. Delete the code for that shop. (If you know the shop is only temporarily closed, you may choose to transfer the code to the end of the last page; once it goes live again, the mini will show up.)

7. If at any time a Mini looks like it doesn’t belongs in the category,
it should be removed. (i.e., 3 of the 4 items must always fit the category). Again, you may choose to communicate with the shop owner, but you don’t have to. It is the shops’ responsibility to follow the rules if they want to remain on the site.

8. If a Mini shows less than 4 pics --- it should be removed.
You can move it to the end of the last page if you want. Shops that are consistently ‘short’ should be deleted.

9. If you are unable to manage the section for more than a few days, please convo Dotty or Karen & we’ll cover for you. Leave a comment below your category as a reminder for us (i.e., "gone fishing~ be back on Tuesday").

10. After you've completed your adds, stop into the Promote Forum to see if there is a thread you can bump & aid a fellow Volunteer.

** Dotty & I want Curators to arrange and manage their assigned categories as they see fit. Occasionally we will enter your area if it appears that edits haven't been made in awhile or we notice a Mini needs to be deleted/moved; however, we really *try* to keep out of your domain (we have our own work to do!).
Sometimes it's easy to forget that all the pages in a section need to be watched, not just the last page where new Minis are posted.

Thank you again for being a part of this project!

Please post comments & questions in the Volunteer Forum.
You can also convo Karen ( schoollocker ) or Dotty ( dottyral ).